Solid Mount – Polished Finish


Polished finish is buffed to a high gloss sheen.  While not as durable as chrome plating, it is more economical, and the results are more consistent.  Polished finishes will oxidize over time and will occasionally need to be re-polished.  The frequency that this will be needed is dependent on numerous environmental conditions, such as proximity to the ocean, humidity, road grime, and storage.  This is easily done with any aluminum polish and a soft cloth.  There are inexpensive coatings available that will delay the need to re-polish.  They can be easy to apply and are used primarily in the trucking industry for keeping truck fuel tanks shiny and in the boating community for protecting pontoon boats.

Chrome finish is not an available option from me, but you can purchase a raw mount and have it done on your own if you choose. I cannot be responsible for results of chrome plating from outside sources, as results vary by the chrome shop.

Price includes the plate mounting cutout, finish matched mounting hardware, and a white LED plate light pod. Does not include bolts to secure the license plate to the mount.

Shipping in the continental United States is a flat rate $15.00. International shipping is available and determined after the order is placed.

Vertical plate mounts are not legal in all States or Countries. Please check your local laws and regulations, if you are concerned, as I will not be responsible for any legal issues incurred from use of vertical plate mounts where prohibited.