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Whether you’re looking for something completely custom to make your stock bike your own or you need that finishing detail for the theme on your show worthy custom, my custom made side mount license plate bracket mount will get the job done.  These mounts will fit the Honda Fury VT1300CX and Sabre VT1300CS, as well as, the Suzuki Boulevard M109R motorcycles.  They are constructed of 5052 aluminum plate.  The side designs are cut by hand on a scroll saw.  Almost any design can be cut into the mount to personalize it.  There are some design detail limitations, due to being hand cut, but most designs can be altered slightly to make them possible.  Club symbols, crosses, flags, initials, college and sport mascots, military symbols, Greek letters, company logos, occupational logos, hobbies, or practically anything you can dream up can be cut into the mount.  The curved surface that the license plate mounts onto has a cutout for the plate to mount underneath, for a recessed frame effect.  Holes are drilled for the plate to mount through, but mounting bolts are not included.  Plate mounting surfaces can also be custom sized for larger international plates.
license plate bracket mount
Mounts are available in three finishes.  All are available in either an economical raw, smooth finish, that can be painted or otherwise finished as you see fit, a high sheen polished finish, or a durable powder coated finish.  Unfortunately, chrome finish is not available from me, as I have been unable to locate a service that produces the finish I expect on my pieces.  Chrome plating is possible though, if you know of a chrome plating service that meets your standards.  The mounts are secured with a piece of all-thread through the hollow rear axle and an acorn nut on each side.  A kit including the premeasured and precut all-thread, and finish matching washers and acorn nuts is included.  Also included is a self-adhesive, white LED light pod to be used as a license plate light.  The light is secured to the sub-frame under the rear fender or under the rear fender side struts, and is easily wired into the existing license plate light wires from that location.  Each mount is hand made as it is ordered and not mass produced.  Delivery times vary by the finish selected.  Also open to other custom designs and fabrication.  Feel free to submit photos, clip art, or even just a basic idea, and we can go from there.  Thanks for your interest and I hope I can make you something special.

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license plate bracket mount